Bad Faith Insurance Claims

Is Your Insurance Company Acting in Bad Faith?

Callahan & Blaine is known as one of the top insurance bad faith firms in the United States. Our attorneys have earned a national reputation for excellence in client service on insurance bad faith and insurance litigation cases. Callahan & Blaine has handled over 1,000 bad faith lawsuits and claims, and has recovered over $1 billion in policyholder benefits for its corporate and individual clients in just the last 15 years alone. We can identify the signs of an insurer's bad faith on coverage issues, and we not only know what to do about it, we also know just when and how. Contact us in Santa Ana to work with sophisticated trial lawyers who take insurance coverage into consideration in virtually every case.

Bad Faith Insurance Claims Under Business or Personal Policies

A core objective for our law firm is to help clients get the most out of all available insurance coverage in business disputes, casualty losses, disability or life insurance claims, or personal injury litigation. It stands to reason that we know what steps to take when an insurer fails to meet its obligation to promptly acknowledge and investigate claims, interpret policy terms and conditions fairly, or settle claims without resort to unfair delaying tactics or threats of cancellation.

Our client was a medical device manufacturer that was sued by a competitor in a series of intellectual property and unfair competition claims. The lawsuits were extremely expensive to defend, yet our client's insurance company refused to acknowledge its duty to defend. The client hired Callahan & Blaine. We filed a bad faith complaint. After extensive discovery and law and motion, we successfully obtained a $58 million judgment against the insurance carrier. Further, Dan Callahan assisted Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi and Sacramento legislators in proposing legislation related to the insurance industry and in investigating the insurance carrier at issue.

We can spot the indications of insurance bad faith in both first-party and third-party claim contexts across a wide range of insurance products: commercial liability insurance, professional liability insurance, homeowners policies, auto insurance, life insurance and medical insurance.

If you believe that an adverse coverage decision was based on something other than a fair interpretation of your policy's provisions, contact the Orange County law firm of Callahan & Blaine.