Insurance Law Overview

Integrating Insurance Law Into Litigation Practice

At Callahan & Blaine, our experience with insurance litigation helps our clients in many ways. First and foremost, Callahan & Blaine has over 25 years experience as one of the premier insurance litigation firms in the United States. We have handled over 1000 insurance bad faith lawsuits and disputes, and have set nationwide precedent in numerous different complex insurance coverage cases. Callahan & Blaine is the "go-to" insurance litigation law firm for policyholders of all types, from Forbes 50 corporations to medium and small businesses all the way down to individual policyholders.

In addition, when a business client needs to defend a complex business litigation matter, such as trade secret misappropriation or unfair competition claim, we not only work toward realizing the full benefit of your liability coverage, we aggressively and comprehensively defend the claim and also pursue cross-claims, counterclaims and third-party claims.

Finally, when representing plaintiffs in business or catastrophic injury litigation, our expertise in insurance coverage and insurance litigation allows us to maximize the insurance proceeds available to our clients. We are able to reach the coverage that can turn our client's proof of damages into an actual financial recovery. For example, in a recent catastrophic personal injury case, we were able to utilize our insurance expertise to obtain a record-breaking $50 million settlement paid by various excess insurers. That settlement would not have been achieved without Callahan & Blaine's 25 years of insurance law expertise and experience, and its reputation as one of the top insurance bad faith firms in the United States.

Maximizing Available Coverage to Your Benefit in Orange County and Statewide

Contact our office in Santa Ana to discuss your situation with a lawyer who understands insurance law. We're a litigation firm with a national reputation for outstanding results in complex cases worth millions or hundreds of millions. In many situations, our advanced understanding of insurance law made the winning difference.

Our ability to accurately identify and resolve the insurance issues in a given dispute protects the value of plaintiffs' claims and the ability of defendants to litigate effectively. In the more complex cases, our client is pursuing and defending claims in the same civil action. Our ability to create and follow avenues of insurance coverage on any contested issue represents a major strength of our practice and a substantial benefit to the clients we serve.

Callahan & Blaine's litigation practice reflects our understanding of insurance law as it affects the interests of business and consumer clients. We handle:

We help clients get the coverage they need when they need it in a wide range of first-party and third-party scenarios: business torts involving unfair competition, advertising injury or trade secrets claims; disparagement or business interference claims; professional liability claims; breach of fiduciary duty claims; business interruption; construction defects; liability claims under homeowners policies and even fire, flood and earthquake claims.

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Our clients range from world-wide, multinational companies on the Fortune 500 list to California-based corporations to medium and small businesses to individuals. Whether you need legal representation about bad faith denial of coverage or an undervaluation of damage to your business or property, we can help you. Contact Callahan & Blaine in Santa Ana for further information about our insurance litigation practice.