Third-Party Coverage

Putting Your Business or Individual Liability Coverage to Work

The litigation attorneys of Callahan & Blaine in Orange County understand that there's an insurance coverage issue in practically every case we handle. In some cases, the third-party liability coverage issues are front and center from the very beginning. In other situations, problems related to coverage of a third party's claim against you might not be apparent until the litigation is well advanced.

The primary value that Callahan & Blaine offers clients is our ability to integrate a sophisticated understanding of insurance law and coverage decisions with outstanding litigation strategy and trial skills. To learn how you or your company can benefit from our law firm's core strength in the context of third-party liability claims, contact us in Santa Ana.

Protecting Your Access to Defense Costs and Your Right to Indemnification

The basic benefit of liability insurance is the confidence that your defense costs and potential liability will be covered when a third party presents a covered claim against you. Our ability to advise clients effectively about an insurer's duty to defend and indemnify can protect a litigant's interests in many ways. Most obviously, we can help a named defendant understand and protect its rights with respect to the liability asserted by the plaintiff in a lawsuit for damages.

Not so readily apparent is the value of accurate legal advice as to the scope of a liability insurer's duties upon the amendment of a complaint, the addition of new defendants or other third parties to the litigation, or the prospect of leveraging liability coverage to support the pursuit of affirmative counterclaims or cross-claims against the plaintiff, co-defendants or third parties.

In other words, our lawyers aren't satisfied just to determine how a liability policy's provisions can serve our client's interest in defense or indemnification on the original set of claims. We also look for additional sources of coverage and opportunities for extending the value of your insurance to support the litigation of your own claims.

A detailed understanding of the liability coverage available to every party (and potential party) to a lawsuit can open the door toward a satisfactory resolution of your case. Our ability to help plaintiffs identify the availability and extent of the defendant's liability coverage can help secure an injured party's access to compensation in the necessary amount. In many cases, our attorneys need to specify the scope of our client's liability insurance while identifying the detailed provisions of an opponent's coverage.

Serving Litigation Clients in California and Nationwide

Callahan & Blaine enjoys a national reputation for excellence in civil trial practice, particularly in cases that feature difficult insurance coverage questions. To learn how you can benefit from our experience with third-party liability issues under commercial and consumer policies of all kinds, contact our office in Santa Ana.